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Jimmy ValenTime interviewed by Blacktruth.net


You seem to have an affinity to The Joker. Why?

I always had a wry sense of humor and a lot of times growing up I was the class clown. So The Joker was the first comic character I felt an affinity for. I like truth tellers and to me The Joker represents that. The music industry’s very artificial, a lot of smokes and mirrors. I think theatricality’s great, but it’s got speak to a larger truth. I like The Joker because when he’s written well, it is a guy arguing a point of view. He’s trying to prove a point to Batman and to the society at large and I am trying to do that with my music. That’s what you see in The Dark Knight and The Killing Joke.

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The Lost Angels -The Spirit Of 93


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Little Brother Syndrome – Varyus Waise

1. Intro
2. Home Alone (prod. by Jae Monee)
3. Can You Feel Me? ((prod. by Jokey)
4. Red Stripe Music f/ Lyrical Blades, Outsider and Tough Dumpling (prod. by Jae Monee)
5. Keep Goin’ (prod. by Jae Monee)
6. Rise Up Radio (Interlude)
7. Rise Up Theme (prod. by Daru Jones)
8. Blackout featuring Outsider (prod. by KO Beatz)
9. Mr. Cool f/ Jimmy Valentime and Outsider (prod. by Lyrical Blades)
10. Wynter Summers* (prod. by iDubz)
11. Child Soldiers (prod. by Jay Dilla)
12. She Knows f/ Jeanette Berry (prod. by Donta Black)
13. To The Top Interlude f/ Warren Britt
14. Roof Myself f/ Warren Britt* (prod. by Jae Monee)
15. Puff, Hold, Breathe, Stop (prod. by 9th Wonder)
16. Rooftop (The Soliloquy)* (prod. by Varyus Waise and Willie Gree)
17. The Fight Song (Demo Mix) Feat Jimmy Valentime & Lyrical Blades (Prod. By J.Rawls)*
18. Brooklyn Feat Jimmy Valentime (Prod. By Cookin Soul) *

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