Bottoms Up Social OPEN MIC (second edition)

This was from a show case at March,

Footage Start 6:38

Jimmy ValenTime – Bad Decisions (Remastered) Music Video

Jimmy ValenTime did a remix of “Bad Decisions” for the album with the help of Otis Clapp & Willie Green.

Jimmy ValenTime – Live From New York (Drake Diss)


I use to respect Drake a lot as a Emcee, but I don’t anymore. here what I had to say about the biggest controversy of the summer, this is all off the top.

Jimmy ValenTime @BronxNoise (8-8-2015)


Here is a performance of “On Your Own”

Jimmy ValenTime @ Think Coffee 6-29-2015

Some Jazz inspired Raps for

“coffee shop chicks and white dudes”


Dancin (Murder Remix)

Updated Dancin Cover

You can end your asinine debates about which corporate, mass-produced Carlye Rae Jepsen bullshit is the “song of the summer.” This is the song of the summer every summer from here on out.

– Byron Crawford

What he said …


instagram pic



Statik and his team have always been very kind to me and been people that

honor their word, something very rare in this business ….