What The Hell is Something Like A rapper….

                                      Life In Amazin Times

Jimmy Valentime has been a prominent figure in the New York underground rap scene for the past two years. Jimmy’s unique style of rhyming has garnered him press and coverage on websites such as xxlmag.com, Byroncrawford.com, and 2dopeboyz.com. He was also interviewed and profiled in underground rap magazines, such as Genius Magazine based in Baltimore and Foundation Magazine based in Philadelphia. Jimmy is also a strong fixture on the mixtape scene appearing on mixtapes by DJ Drama, Green Lantern, Big Mike, and has appeared on over two dozen other Mix CDs.

Jimmy Valentime was born and raised in the South Bronx to a Dominican mother and European father. Growing up, Jimmy experienced a lot of strife and witnessed a lot of violent situations. “Most of my family has had their life derailed by addiction and crime”. Jimmy says “I always wanted more for myself and my ambition shows in my music.”

Jimmy Valentime has been working diligently on his craft, and his hard work is paying off. Jimmy was asked to perform at Fat Beats during their last day of business and subsequently was featured on an NBC news story about their closing. Jimmy was also rumored to be a potential XXL Freshman last year, and was heavily featured on DJ Tony Rivera’s Mixtape, Freshmen Tryouts. Freshmen Tryouts featured other notable breakout artists such as Machine Gun Kelly and Childish Gambino (Donald Glover).

Jimmy recently finished working on a project of original songs entitled Life in Amazin Times.  He Explains, “I picked the title because I am finally doing what I always wanted to do with my life, it’s never the right time to chase after your dreams, but life can be amazing when you stop making excuses.” Life in Amazin’ Times is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2011.

My sites …
Twitter :  https://twitter.com/#!/jimmyvalentime

Website:  http://somethinglikearapper.com/

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jimmy-Valentime/15832700537

SoundCloud : http://soundcloud.com/jimmyvalentime

Bandcamp http://jimmyvalentime.bandcamp.com

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  12. Sam Orlando

    Hi Jimmy,
    Inge and I wanted to drop a line to let you know about the upcoming release from Miami-based hip-hop six piece ¡MAYDAY!. The CD entitled Stuck on an Island will be released in October, but we’ve got digital copies available now, and we’d love to send one your way so you will post the news byte and consider an interview with the band and a CD review in the Fall. A press release with all the details is below, and you can follow this link to download the free track “Lost Highway” in case you feel like posting it on your site: https://www.yousendit.com/download/T1VtNU1LZy9OMUJFQlE9PQ

    You can also post the Jim Jonsin (TI, Wayne, Kid Cudi’s new track “Erase Me”) produced track “Black Shades” which is a non-album cut, and was co-produced by ¡MAYDAY! emcee Plex Luthor: https://www.yousendit.com/download/T1VuNnFBNDRYSHcwTVE9PQ

    Also – there are two music videos for you to embed:
    “On 2 Someth’n”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwAVUyLbzDc
    “Technology”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDZzoxgxAdM

    Let us know if we can send you the album, and please let us know if any news items run on your site!


    Stuck on an Island
    (October 12th; ¡MAYDAY! Music )

    “…[a]mixture of existentialist poetry and organic musicianship, from rumba-flavored sing-alongs to rocking, Zeppelin-inspired hedgerow bustling…” URB Magazine

    “…captures the electric excitement of a city on the verge of a breakthrough.” The Miami Herald

    “…one of Miami’s hardest-hitting bands” Miami New Times

    October 12 marks the latest release from Miami-based hip-hop collective ¡MAYDAY! entitled Stuck on an Island (¡MAYDAY! Music). Stuck on an Island is the follow-up to 2009’s teaser EP Technology, both of which blaze with an upbeat, tightly wound energy that keeps the listener grooving with its slick production and singing along with its ultra-catchy hooks. The album’s title pays homage to the trials and tribulations the band has faced trying to “escape” Miami. Producer/guitarist Plex Luthor explains: “Miami is paradise, but at the same time the geography has always made us feel like outsiders in the larger pond. We want to get our music to the masses, but sometimes the walls around the port of Miami make it difficult to break out. We want to make sure the world knows musicians from this city can compete culturally with the best of them.”

    While Stuck on an Island is only ¡MAYDAY!’s second full-length album, the band has consistently turned out addictive urban alternative tracks that have permeated the local Miami music scene and beyond, grabbing the ear of hip-hip impresario Lil’ Wayne who used the group as his personal band in the videos “Get a Life,” “Da Da Da” and “On Fire.” ¡MAYDAY! also collaborated with Cee-Lo on the hit song “Groundhog Day” from their self-titled debut of which mtvU said, “Like Gorillaz covering Gnarls Barkley, the gospel funk-hop assault of the ¡MAYDAY! single “Groundhog Day” would be enough for most to base a career on.” The music video logged over 2 million hits on YouTube in its first two days and made the band a breakout success story, garnering attention from the New York Times, MTV and URB Magazine. They went on to share stages with Daft Punk, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Method Man, winning over audiences around the country with their high-octane live show.

    The dynamic songs Stuck on an Island call to mind a who’s who of alt-hip-hop’s most cutting edge and creative stars like Gnarls Barkley, N*E*R*D or Lupe Fiasco. Tracks like “I’ll Be Gone,” “Picture Perfect,” “No 1’s Looking,” “Worse Case Scenario,” and “Make a Living” form the backbone of an album of diverse styles that always manages to surprise and never ceases to get your head bobbing and your body moving.

    The stunning cover art for Stuck on an Island was rendered by Jeff Dekal with creative input from all the members of the band. Using several types of media to give the image a lifelike quality, the scene is meant to depict the band’s feeling of isolation, and the small details – the guitar inputs plugged into Plex Luthor’s arm, and the futuristic shades they all wear – highlight that the band’s distinctive style.

    ¡MAYDAY! is: guitarist/producer Plex Luthor, MCs Wrekonize (you might remember him from MTV Battles) and BernBiz, bassist/keyboardist Gianni Ca$h, drummer L.T. Hopkins and percussionist Nonymous

    http://www.maydayonline.com / http://www.myspace.com/FirstDayofMay / http://www.twitter.com/maydaymusic

    Track listing for Stuck on an Island:

    01. I’ll Be Gone
    02. Stuck on an Island feat. 7King
    03. No 1’s Lookin
    04. Lost Highway
    05. Broads & Freqs
    06. Transparent feat. Snave Nair
    07. Freak Show
    08. Smoke & Mirrors
    09. On 2 Somethn feat. Jovi Rockwell
    10. Worst Case Scenario feat. The Money Making Jam Boys
    11. Padded Walks
    12. Fire
    13. Spare Change
    14. Sell Your Soul feat. Casely
    15. Make a Living
    16. Pass the 45
    17. Technology
    18. Picture Perfect
    19. Part 3 (They Told Me)

    PLEASE NOTE: The correct way to spell the band name is capitalized with the two exclamation points before and after the name. To create the upside down exclamation point:
    ON A PC: hold “alt” and type the numbers 173 using the keypad at the right of most standard keyboards.
    ON A MAC: press “alt” and the “1” key.

    For more information on ¡MAYDAY!, please contact:
    Press Here Publicity
    Sam Orlando / Inge Colsen
    sam@pressherepublicity.com / inge@pressherepublicity.com

    Sam Orlando
    Press Here
    138 W. 25th St. 9th Floor
    New York, NY 10001
    On Twitter – @PressHere <— Check us out!

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    I’m a hip hop artist out of Marietta GA, right outside of Atlanta. I recently shot a video for a song off of my most recent mixtape Adrenaline Awareness. The song is called A Million Bucks and features local Atlanta artist, K. Camp and Ukan. The video was shot at a frat house right off a college campus and is Directed by Abijeet Achar of New Vintage Producitons. Here’s a link to the video



    We all worked hard on this video. If you’d check it out and post it on your site I’d really appreciate it.


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    I’m Martin Santos, Artist Project Manager for G7 Records/Universal. One of the artists I represent is DJ G-Starr (Reema Major’s personal DJ) having just released his new mixtape “Hip Hop Promo Pt.1”, I think it would fit in well with your website content.

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    “I aspire to be the anti-pop pop icon. How do you take pop music, go against every rule you’ve heard of and still make pop?”
    The New York-based newcomer, KGB, has a pop music style as unique as her background. The rebellious shoot from the hip singer has been making the blogosphere rounds with her antics both on and off the stage. Most recently causing a commotion with her provocative outfit on the red carpet of Lil Wayne’s Carter IV album release party.
    Currently collaborating with: Timbaland Productions, Grinehouse, Mizzle, Wizz Dumb, Mr. Beatz from YMCMB, SpaceGhostPurrp, Streetrunner, Kojak, to name a few.Watch out for her mixtape, Twi$tEd Fuk$ dropping on 10/20/2011.
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  24. Whats good my new music video @YouTube. http://youtu.be/t7eT6jheno0?a BIG TWINS OF INFAMOUS MOBB – SURPRISED I’M ALIVE (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  25. Rochester,NY Hip-Hop producer extraordinaire, Kid Called Quest finally releases his debut album
    “Put Your Head Phones On: The Album”.
    With features From Skyzoo, REKS, Rapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother), Blaq Poet,
    Chaundon, Hassan Mackey, Joe Scudda, & Many More!
    On this album Quest literally takes you back to the era of hip hop where you listened to hip hop in your headphones which pretty much is the theme of the album. not to mention finding good rappers for his tracks and succeeding. Quest keeps your head nodding in the beats , letting the mc’s flow over the beat at their own pace , throwing in a lot of movie quotes , and showing his range as a producer.
    This is a must have album for any Hip-Hop Head!

    DOWNLOAD LINK -> http://kiddcalledquest.bandcamp.com/album/put-your-headphones-on-the-album


    Kid Called Quest bio

    Hip-Hop producer extraordinaire, Kid Called Quest (Jason Martin) is one of Rochester, New York up in coming producers . Kid Called Quest’s music speaks to a bygone era, a time when skills were more important than marketing, producing meant more than cutting & pasting, and being real was more than a catch phrase. Quest’s music captures the classic sound of hardcore East Coast hip-hop. The type of music that makes you nod your head, while speaking to your soul at the same time.

    Along the path to becoming a successful producer, Kid Called Quest has faced several challenges. Through it all he has shown that he has the determination and talent to survive in this fickle and jaded music industry. Originally christened Jay Quest by friends, Jay Quest had to rename himself Kid Called Quest in order to clear up subsequent confusion since several artists were also using that name. Quest also lost the original version of his debut album Put Your Headphones On, along with one thousand other instrumentals he had created. Despite these hardships, Quest has been able to bounce back with a renewed focus.

    Kid Called Quest’s instrumentals have spoken to a young generation of artist that is working tirelessly to carry on the traditions of authentic hip-hop music and culture. Kid Called Quest has produced for such notable young artist such as J-Hood, Sky Zoo, and Reks. These instrumentals are much more than artful imitations of days past. His music has connected with artists who defined the east coast hip-hop scene in the late eighties and early nineties. Quest has produced and worked with legendary artist such as Craig G, Big Pooh (originally from Little brother), and Big Shug from the Gang Star Foundation; these artists have had nothing but praise for the young producer. Thus showing true talent is always recognized and supported regardless of age.

    Kid Called Quest usually lets his music do the talking for him, yet people always want to know more about his unique production style. Quest has garnered coverage on various online sites, video blogs, and traditional print media. Never to be seen as just a regional phenomenon, he has received interview request from international markets such as the United Kingdom. Besides being an excellent producer, Quest is also a successful entrepreneur. He has sold over 5,000 instrumental CDs on his own. Showing that even in this era when most content is given away for free, people will still support the music that speaks to them.

    Kid Called Quest is getting ready to release his first solo album Put Your Head Phones On. The title of the album has a deeper meaning than most would anticipate. It is a call to experience the music on your own terms, to ignore the endless cycle of hype and gossip that consumes most young artist’s careers. Quest humbly states, “Listen to it for yourself and judge the album on your own thoughts.” So go grab your headphones and get ready to enjoy the ride.

  26. Super proud of you! Happy that I’ll be able to say I knew him when once they are ready to do your E! True Hollywood Story. Keep up the GREAT work my friend and God bless!

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  29. Check this female rapper Jemiini -out of Florida shes sexy and has flow!

  30. Hello…I am an up and coming West Coast hip-hop artist. I recently released my debut industry mixtape….and I would like to be featured and/or reviewed in your hip-hop music publication or blog…All of the necessary info is listed below…I have enclosed the cover artwork and track list with production credits in this email as well…thanks advance for your time

    ” The classic, highly anticipated debut mixtape from West Coast rap artist DraMatiQue ( drah*mad*dick ). This well crafted, sixteen track extravaganza serves as a entertaining introduction to one of hip-hop’s most original and creative artists to emerge in recent years. ” Kill The Game Mixtape ” is hosted by DJ Omega Red and boasts features from A$e Card, Haze, Corey Drums, Official, Petey Popoff, Young C.E.O.z., & more along with stellar production from Beats Planet, Kajmir Royale & Stompboxx Music. Follow on twitter @dramati2ue, @DJOMEGAREDNY ”

    Artist name: DraMatiQue …( pronounced like the word ” dramatic ” )

    Location: Sacramento, California

    Styles: Hip-hop/Rap

    CD name: Kill The Game Mixtape

    Release date:12/20/2012

    Label information: Newborn Records ( Indie )

    Streaming/Download Link ( no log in required ) : http://www.datpiff.com/DraMatiQue-Kill-The-Game-Mixtape.429536.html

    Alternate Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?i1kk1f1sbmto57r

    Electronic Press Kit Link: http://www.ourstage.com/epk/dramatique

    Artwork/Tracklisting/Production Credits Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?i1kk1f1sbmto57r


    Promo Video links: http://youtu.be/B72thIviero

    Contact: dramati2ue@hotmail.com


    By beginning with writing and performing songs during his highschool period, DraMatiQue quickly discovered his creativity and passion for music. Shortly thereafter, DraMatiQue released his first LP featuring BenFlowz. The album received rave reviews accross the USA including a feature in the indie hip hop section in the May 2008 edition of “THE SOURCE” magazine as well as other music publications and even garnered a coveted spot in urb.com’s NEXT 1000 listing. The positive feedback from the album has also earned DraMatiQue recognition as GoTv networks.com HIP HOP OFFICIAL ARTIST OF THE WEEK as well as promotional appearances on various radio stations including the L.A. WAKE UP SHOW hosted by Sway and Tec on Power 106 FM.

    Opening for acts such as A+, Mc Breed, Talib Kweli, WuTang Clan , Mims, and Tha Alkaholiks, DraMatiQue amazed with his stage presence and his fanbase grew tremendously. Back to the recording studio after a successful promotional tour in 2008 and releasing several mixtapes, DraMatiQue began working on his first solo industry project, ” Kill The Game Mixtape “. Mixed and hosted NYC’s well known DJ Omega Red , this superbly constructed mixtape soars to unbelievable new heights artistically by infusing radio friendly mainstream oriented production with a fresh, newly revamped sound that undoubtedly showcases DraMatiQue’s remarkable talents as an innovative hip-hop artist while undeniably entertaining the listener.

    Highlighted by sixteen infectious yet memorable tracks including ” AfterLife “, ” Dime A Dozen “, ” I Need Luv ” ( an impressive remake of the classic LL Cool J hip hop love anthem ), ” Swaggeriffic ” & more….DraMatiQue delivers a solid cutting edge project that creatively enhances his growth and cleverly lays the groundwork for a promising career as a rising West Coast hip-hop superstar. Complimented by mezmerizing wordplay and a spectacular delivery, ” Kill The Game Mixtape ” continues to solidify DraMatiQue in the forefront as an emerging force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

  31. “13th Floor” by D.o.D ft Larry Lace

    ATL* (soul/hiphop/funk/alternative)

    It’s a story based on a dream that became reality… welcome to DaVille! Jimmy Smalls and Ricky B. Suave make up the dynamic duo often compared to the likes of Outkast and Phil Collins. They were just adolescents when the two decided to pursue the field of music. Inspired by the harmonic melodies of Boys II Men and the bad boy persona of Jodeci, Ric James developed an ear for melody. Evolving out of an original 5 member group, Jimmy “soul brother #1” and Ricky “the homie/lover/friend, croon and swoon like a resurrected Elvis and Al Green! Although comparisons such as these seem far fetched the are easy to identify once you’ve been exposed to their Smorgasbord Sound. Chances are you’ve already heard the charming “Steady” while watching Carmen Diaz and Ashton Cutcher in the box-office smash WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS. The soulful nostalgia of “Cry Baby” was featured on ABC’s PRIVATE PRACTICE and still has soccer moms everywhere searching for the dynamic duos duet. Dukes of DaVille nearly made history when they joined the legendary roster at Capitol Records, but triumph turned to tragedy when their A&R Ronnie Johnson suddenly died from heart complications. A dream deferred but certainly not forgotten constantly motivates the Dukes to be creatively persistent. Fortunately, the Dukes were able to record a full album, retain there masters before they exited the label, and to the credit of their A&R, were introduced to platinum producers Organized Noise, and fortunate enough to complete a full album before separating from Capitol. Recently they’ve finished the new record which includes fresh sounds from the musical genius Matt Mahafee, and rising star Zach Hall. The lead singles “Euphoria” playfully penetrates your ear drums with soothing R&B vocals over indie rock drums, and the soulful “Wait for Me” is sure to capture the attention of urban radio stations everywhere. Like two passionate chefs the Dukes of DaVille put the perfect blend of presentation and taste into their 6 song LP Heads In The Sky… P.Y.D.U!

    : The Smorgasbord of Sound
    Trakkaddixx Recordings

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