Really Got it – Jimmy Valentime X Hot Rod aka Rizzy


The Last Adventure for a LONG Time……

Press Release after The Jump

Hot Rod aka Rizzy & Jimmy ValenTime go HAM … (The Lost Angels X G-unit)

The Lost Angels & G-Unit have joined forces with this collaboration between Hot Rod aka Rizzy & Jimmy ValenTime. Both these young artist share an appreciation for popular online forum The Coli . Hot Rod posted a unfinished version of this record on the forum issuing the challenged to turn the compelling verse into a complete song. Jimmy did more then added a verse, he turned it into a full experience. “Really Got It” infectious chorus transforms it from mix-tape song to full fledged anthem.

Hot Rod had a debut single with Mary J. Blige in 2006 with “Be Easy” and has turned across the world with 50 Cent. Jimmy ValenTime was the mastermind behind The Lost Angels and their debut “Together, We Stand Alone.” Jimmy adds, “This record acts as a teaser to my new sound and will be my last single, as I go on an extended hiatus to write and record the next Jimmy ValenTime Project .”

Really Got It (SoundCloud)


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