The Lost Angels – HA HA HA


 YouTube (W New Album Cover)  + Press Release After the jump …


On “HA HA HA,” Jimmy ValenTime, Carlos Ferragamo, and Urban Miracle let the competition know the jokes on them. The Lost Angels rapping over a fierce Chuck Inglish beat and a sample of The Joker from the legendary Batman: The Animated Series create a song that is both of the moment and timeless.

Jimmy ValenTime explains, “The record allowed me to be topical; I got to touch on Daniel Day-Lewis’s rapping son, Brian Griffin (RIP) and The Walking Dead. I touch on all of these things while subtly paying homage to one of my favorite rappers Killa Cam.” Carlos Added “I liked the record because it allowed me to use a flow that I do not normally use. It forced me to step outside of the box.”

This new single is to build anticipation of their debut Album. Together, we stand Alone: The LP. The project will be available on December 11, 2013 for a limited time as a free download.


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