Angels Assemble : Introducing The Lost Angels …

I have been recording a new project called “The Wrath of God LP” The Wrath of God is a group album with my crew The Lost Angels, The Lost Angels were featured on the The Track “The Town”

I felt inspired to let everybody hear the individuals who worked on the project…

Urban Miracle

Urban Miracle is the host of his own online Radio Show, “On Blast Radio” and an accomplished producer.  He produced one track feature on the album called, “Out of It.”  You can check out his first full length project, a beat tape called “Beats Saved My Life”

Varyus Waise

Varyus Waise is the Mariano Rivera of The Lost Angels closing out Three Tracks on The Wrath of God LP. His most recent release is a tribute to Travyon Martin entitled “Hoodied Up” (Trayvon Martin, We Love You) I did some arranging on this track…. I don’t know which project this song is going to be on, but he dropping an EP this fall Called “Pea Coat Season.”

Carlos Ferragamo

Carlos has some of my favorite verse on the project , he sent me a lot of verses for the project , some which  may come out at a later date. Carlos has a solo track on the album called “We Came a Long Way, ” one of the few solo songs on the album.

Carlos Latest Project can be found here …


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