Rappers Helping Rappers Vol. 2

1)      Varyus  Waise

V. Waise is a great rapper and more important a good man. One who is walking the walk that a lot of “conscious” rappers talk, someone active in the community and who is working with the youth. He gives a good twist to a lot of rap troupes, “Winter Summers” is about a girl giving you the run around and finally getting sick of the games. “Child Soldiers” talking about the lost youth from around his way and asking the tough questions why nobody makes a  cause out of their lost lives.

2) Kitty Pryde

I like Kitty a lot, she’s a really creative and funny person … She reminds me of a mix of Jessica (Season One +Two) from True Blood with Harley Quinn.  She got the attitude of a Def Jam Era Beastie Boy with a lot of sarcasm and an observational sense of humor that runs through her music and her online postings.   (This makes the fact that people get so mad at her and her music even funnier.)

She got this really nice casualness to her flow, like she sitting next to you and talking to you at a bar or a house party. Also she legit the best white female rapper I have ever heard.  Mainly because everything seems to come from her and she’s not over thinking any of it, in terms of her bars or her concepts. Kitty takes pride in just rapping about her own likes, hopes, and interest.

Doing what you want and not caring = Hip-Hop

3)   Carlos Ferragamo

The thing I like about Los ferra is that he’s always thinking and strategizing. He never got hung up on one aspect of being a rapper and he is always finding different way to express his creativity as an artist. He also one of the easiest people to work with and always been on point when it comes to sending back verses for songs and getting things knocked out quickly.  He’s going to be dropping his next album style mix-tape Shades of Blue 2 this fall.  If I get my situation figured out, hopefully we can work on The Wrath of God Album, The title for a Lost Angel album that I have been floating around as an idea.


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