People’s Champion: A Review


Che With Bling on Complex ….

I was invited by Dallas Penn to a preview screening of Peoples Champion: The Eli Porter Documentary. I got to see 35 minutes of a rough cut of the movie that focused on analyzing the infamous YouTube clip that turned Eli in to an internet celebrity. The section itself will be part of a full length film which will show more of Eli’s life story. I was intrigued at how the story would present itself and what angle the film makers would take.

The great thing is if you were watching the film and had no clue about the youtube clip you would still be thoroughly entertained by the battle, but also gain an understanding of where all these people are coming from. The documentary does a great job of putting the clip itself in to context. The school Eli Porter attended was a normal high school, which held weekly Iron Mic battles that were broadcasted during lunch. The film shows different types of kids in a brief montage, freestyling. To put the clip in prospective, “The Iron Mic Battle” DVD would probably be the greatest awful rap anthology of all time.

Everybody that was there that day from the “Judges” to the AV club gets to say their piece. One of the great things is you can see they all genuinely like Eli. Eli was the type of kid that if you made fun of him, he snapped right back at you. He doesn’t come off as someone that needs to be treated with kid gloves.

Read More of the Review here …


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