Jimmy Valentime – Youtube Channel

Ken & RYU – Jimmy Valentime X Carlos Faragamo

I Decide to add some of my mixtape songs to Youtube

Link to My Page


Another Video of a Freshmen Tryouts song after the jump


2 responses to “Jimmy Valentime – Youtube Channel

  1. Dude, you need to get your music more out on the internet. You got real talent and should be heard. I got 2 of your tracks from I think Clockwork music called “Understand” & “Back-N-Forth”. I really like it and want to put it on my next mixtape “Golden Choice Vol.2”.

    It’s a mix of Golden Era and newer tracks with a Golden sound. Which you have. I would like to hear more from you. Can you send me more stuff? Is “Life In Amazin Times” out?

    I wanted to post the 2 tracks I have via youtube but couldn’t find them.

    Keep doing what you do. Hip Hop needs more artist like you.


    • somethinglikearapper

      Hey man I hit you on G-mail; you never hit me back, i am on twitter , facebook , & myspace

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