DJ Tony Rivera Presents – XXL Freshmen Tryouts 2011 Edition

DJ Tony Rivera Presents –  XXL Freshmen Tryouts 2011

1. 1997 – Dom Kennedy
2. Bun B for President – Dom Kennedy X J. Cole
3. Can I Borrow A Feeling – Mic Terror
4. Favorite Girl – Mic Terror
5. Leave Me Alone – Machine Gun Kelly
6. All The Way Turnt Up – Machine Gun Kelly
7. Baby I’m Back – Carlos Ferragamo Prod By J.U.S.T.I.C.E League
8. Ken & Ryu – Carlos Ferragamo X Jimmy Valentime
9. Liar – Bizzle
10. Tomorrow –Bizzle
11. Time – Jimmy Valentime Prod. J. Dilla
12. Up All Night Jimmy Valentime X Lyrical Blades
13. Cold As Ice – Joe Columbo
14. Vlad Tv Freestyle Joe Columbo X Jimmy Valentime
15. PYT- The Incomparable Shakespeare
16. Rugby, Knits & Polos – The Incomparable Shakespeare
17. Always (Yi Zhi) -LUZ
18. The Doom – Luz
19. Look At Me Now – Childish Gambino
20. Run This Town Childish Gambino
21. Turn it Up – Emilo Rojas X Yelawolf
22. Who Dat – Emilo Rojas

       XXL recently took to twitter to ask for suggestion on who should be on the cover of 2011 Freshmen Class. Here are in our humble opinion the 11 Best young rappers in America.

        Some of these are my picks, some of them are Tony’s.  I   designed the cover and Tony formatted it that each artist has an original song and a mixtape song over a popular beat.

            This does not mean they co-sign me or they co-sign each other though. We tried to think about rappers in every part of the country and every style of rapping that are not being written about every single day.

After The Jump The People I think will be on the list ..

Waka Flaka Flame

Diggy Simmons

Lil B

Big Krit

Mack miller

Ci Da Prince




French Montana


7 responses to “DJ Tony Rivera Presents – XXL Freshmen Tryouts 2011 Edition

  1. Lil B? What? Really — sun , have you heard his music? are you fucking 12 and white from Idaho. Fuck. Rap sucks now. There are two names on this list that have some talent, the rest are farts in the wind.

  2. then you are wasting your time, and fueling the shit fire that is consuming the art form. Why not focus on artists that can actually rap, rather than point out the loudest ugliest fools to get unique visitors. You must have been born in 2000 or later kid, if you had of been alive and listening to rap music in the 90’s you never even mention Lil B.

  3. Yo I give my list it goes

    1.Push! Montana
    2.Push! Montana
    3.Push! Montana
    4.Push! Montana
    5.Push! Montana
    6.Push! Montana
    7.Push! Montana
    8.Push! Montana
    9.Push! Montana
    10.Push! Montana

    Push! is a beast wake up and check this kid out pure fire nikka and real as a muthfucker Shun fresshh!
    6.Push! Montana

  4. wtf? waka? he fuckin kills hip hop..
    this is my list
    Mac miller
    cy hi da prynce
    emilio rojas
    big krit
    french montana
    Mod Sun

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