The OnBlast Interview

Urban Miracle  > James Limpton

The On Blast Freestyle

I turned the interview in to a mixtape ; breaking down the show segemnts in to tracks,

 On Blast Radio Mixtape –  Hosted By Urban Miracle

 Track list after the Jump and a link to on blast Radio …  New Post late  April;  but there are updates on both my facebook page and my myspace page.

1) Intro
2) Time,  J.Dilla, &  2 Dope Boyz
3) Introducing Time
4) Time (Song)
5) Who is Your fav Rapper?
6) Advice for Other Rappers
7) The state of Rap Music in 2010
8) Pretty Girls, Bol, And Drama
9) Introducing Pretty Girls
10 All The Pretty Girls
11) Do Lyrics Matter? Round Table Segement
12) The On Blast Radio Freestyle

You can listen to the show here :


One response to “The OnBlast Interview

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