Asher Roth Vs. Jimmy Valentime Mixtape

the-cd-cover DJ Tony Rivera Presents …. Asher Roth Vs. Jimmy Valentime


Tracklist After The Jump ….

1. A mili
2.  Incredible!
3. Perfectionist
4. Back-N-Forth
5. Change Gonna Come
6. Rock Star
7. The Reading
8. Time
9. I Love College Demo
10. I Am The Best
11. Blunt Cruisin’
12. All I Need
13. Sour Patch Kids
14. Evil
15. Rub Your Chest
16. Dancing On A Pole
17. Cartoon Chick
18. I Gotta Be Me

Ill talk about this if I get a reaction about it from people …


One response to “Asher Roth Vs. Jimmy Valentime Mixtape

  1. smh, how many downloads have you had so far?

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