My President Is Black

somebody last night  said this


Rosa Parks had to sit

So Martin could March

So Barack Could Run

So we could all FLY

Thank You America For Living up to your Ideals

Sombody get me the “My President is Black” instrumental ASAP


2 responses to “My President Is Black

  1. It’s Time for Change and I’m just happy that My Vote help make this happen!!!

    Obama is The next President !!

  2. Yo, u know who supported Obama in a major way? Diddy… So now, go out and support diddy in all his efforts.

    Check out Diddy’s new fragrance for men, I AM KING. It’s available only at Macy’s though so you gotta go there to get it. This shit is amazing. He doesn’t just make it about him. It’s about all of us!!! WE ARE ALL KINGS

    Check it out. WE ARE ALL KINGS

    It’s time for a change and Diddy is facilitating it

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