It So Cold in the D

Mr. Burns   get gunned up and clapped quick
Sara Palin  get gunned up and clapped quick
Your whole damn party gunned up and clapped


David Letterman >>>> Jon Stewart


One response to “It So Cold in the D

  1. KANYE needs also a version without autotune of his new album and also a version by artists aka the friendship version
    with a version of “love lockdown” by john legend, per example
    then a version of “heartless” by mary j blige
    … and etc !
    KANYE NEEDS TO DO DAT FOR DECEMBER ! after his album out on november, FOR A REEDITION of his sh*t for this christmas.
    that would/will be a hot winter !
    CREATE A PETITION, SEND DA INFORMATION ON HIS , he needs to know that now ! this is one of the great idea that he can do !!!
    a limited edition with a 3 cds package !!!
    so drop this idea on the kanye’s email, on his blog, on his myspace and on fan club/website !
    WE NEED THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please, Jimmy
    u’re a fan of Kanye. so please send this message, this idea, on his website or wherever he can read this. do da shit for me. i’m not in the usa. so it’s hard to me. even if u don’t like my idea. please send it nevertheless for a homie.

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