This is audio from a  freestyle session I did when I was hanging out  with Donny Goines

Donny is good peoples and a great rapper ..

You can help him win an award by voting for him on this site…


An check him out at his myspace …


Next Post In August …..


2 responses to “LIVE!

  1. ILL BLOG (Great Post on Donny too)! I’m TC Nash and I manage a brand new hip-hop group named “VAMOOSE” and according to the PACE PRESS “For those tired of waiting years for Outkast’s Andre and Big Boi to go half on a record, consider Vamoose your new favorite substitute”! We just finished shooting the video for our song “Step Out” and it would be a great video for you to post on your site.

    Check it out below.




    TC Nash
    Manager, Vamoose


    Yo check this new joint. Not on the free album “Sweet Lord”. But a hot track with Mr Murs, The Homie From L.A. ! Underground Finest ! Enjoy it too so. Good download but support his next album “Murs For President” when it will be in stores (soon).
    Murs – To protect and to entertain


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