My Fav New Rapper…..

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I hate most rappers  …… but this is probably my favorite song in awhile ……

If your are a immigrant or a child of immigrant this shit will connect with you….

Like Hustling…. If Rick Ross could rap…..

Adam Tensta Bangin On The System

Adam Tensta is from Sweden

His Myspace…..


3 responses to “My Fav New Rapper…..

  1. wow..he could become one of those like huge cool rappers! loving this guy =]

    check out bre101 at
    join in on the crazy world of bre101

  2. J.V.,

    Good looks on this link playboy.

    I will see you on these streets.


  3. Whats Good Jimmy!
    My Name Is Medo, 16YO, Im From Sudan But Il Live In Sweden, Im A Rapper Too 😛
    About Adam Tensta, He Put Out For Singels And Putting Out His 5th. He Also Won The Swedish Grammy. And The “Tensta” In His Name Comes From His Hood, A Place Called Tensta.
    Other Rappers In Sweden, Check Em Out!

    Plz Check Out My MySpace:

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