What I Learned in 2007

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(Thinking about the year that past)

What I Learned in 2007

1) The Blog in 2007 = The Mixtape in 2002…..

This is one of those times where I have been ahead of the curve. I went to smokingsection.net because they stole something of mines, but I then began working with them which worked in my favor in terms of getting my name out.

Kanye West created a blog this summer which motivated other people to create their own blogs. The bad thing is in a few months there will be too many people trying to use blogs to get their name out. It is great as free advertising, something like 50 people find me every day on my blog, since it has been open in July. 8,000 + people have seen my site, including Elliot Willson of xxlmag.com.

(When will You bring me on to xxlmag,com …. Elliot?)

2) Attack from all the angles

I admire DJ’s and respect them a lot. When I was younger DJ’s told you who was hot and while they are very important, people have many ways to hear music.

You cannot focus all of your energy on just the dj’s. It is important to use every avenue available to be heard. I have tried to be seamless and not get pinned down.

I am not:

A Mixtape rapper,
A DVD rapper,
A Myspace rapper,
A Youtube rapper,

I am a rapper who done all of these things and in the next year plan to do much more.


Real Talk NY DVD.
Dj Enyce Mixtape Street Certified 3.
Jeniese Magazine Profile.
Lost Angel Family Volume One mixtape On Dat Piff.com
Photograph by Getty Images
On Power 105 Website.
Smoking Section Columnist.
Autographing a Cd for Krs-one.


Get Something Like a rapper mixtape out.
Get an Independent Album out.


This a blog that is Featured on AMG’s Myspace page….



Blog written by Jimmy Valentine. Inspired by Sickamore. Brought to you by the Rookie A&R Of The Year.

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