Behind The Mixtape….
Behind The Mixtape

I do a break down of Four Tracks form my mixtape…..

Lost Angel Family Vol. 1


This is my best serious song, It been featured on a DJ E.Nyce Mixtape and it last ten months on my myspace player …

I wrote this in about 20 minutes and went all in. I wanted to talk about lot of evil things in a bad neighborhood. I wanted to describe everything that is evil about my surroundings in The Bronx. I feel Capitalism is the true root of evil, if you stop thinking about yourself as a member of a community and only try to get what you want or need at the cost of others. You are capable of doing anything……

Best Line

Kill The Child / Don’t Let The Momma Slide

Dancing on a pole

The Crystal Waters “Gypsy Women” beat is really important to me. My uncles where really in to house music, most Hispanic people in the late 80’s and early 90’s that was their music.

I had the idea for the hook a long time and after the T.I record came out I decide to just use his version.

My song mirrors the original more closely….minus the bridge where I am making fun of New York fascination with the south…… not the south itself……..

The song is sarcastic but serious at the same time.

I am not like most rappers, I general want to entertain my listener and make them laugh or think. When I try to do a funny song, I generally don’t do broad humor like Dave Chappele or Biz Markie. I try to go for a dry sarcasm like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Will Ferrell.

Best Line

Bouncer please don’t hate on me /Me and my boys just wanna hang / and girl we are only going to that back room if we are going to bang ….

Two Words

I love my flows on this record because a lot of times my flow is my biggest weakness…

I have great lyrics and ideas but my execution isn’t always prefect and hurts how people view my music. This year my primary focus has been on making my flow lucid as possible this has helped make my songs more accessible for folks. But I have had to sacrifice some of my lyricism as a result.

I reference about 30 different things from Ashy Larry, Biggie Smalls, Spider Man, Vamperism …. But it is all very seamless

Best Line

I am on my Peter Parker shit /I play weak for the hoes though I think I am invincible …..

Jeans and Chancalletas

Jeans and Chancalletas does not sound like anything I ever made and basically came from me goofing off at a studio session.

The record had a weird trajectory

My DJ leaked the song and as few days later it showed up on

I thought that was it I was going to change my life and I would be a hot commodity. While it still is my best know song and I am grateful for it because I got to meet Dj sickamore, who I think is a great DJ and a cool person. The song it self never really went that far, which is good because I am not seen as a gimmick.

Best Line

I got a knife and sandals like Russell Crowe

Bonus the Link

If I get a good response from this …I will talk about four more.

Here is the mixtape if you have not heard it….


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