Midday Marauders… + New Freestyle


      Vh-1 is doing a Set of events in New York for there Hip-Hop Honors Show… I was lucky enough to get a heads up on The Tribe Called Quest panel.

Unfortunately, there a bit of shaking in the videos because I had a Red Bull right before the confernce in a hope of staying awake after a late night of industry grinding.

So sorry for that….

Eskay of NahRight.com talks about being a Fan of Tribe Called Quest….

Dallas Penn talks about what Tribe repersented

       Right before this Dallas talked about how Jarobi and him are high school homies and he use to see Q-tip and Jarobi freestyle at Queens plaza.

I would fist fight The Russian in Rocky 4 to have witness this ,,,,

Electric Relaxation  “Freestyle”…

I did this in the rush at the end of a session ….I took the best ten bars and threw it up…


Me and My Management team have some Big News Coming Soon…


2 responses to “Midday Marauders… + New Freestyle

  1. This is my fav album of all time… Every song on this album is classic…. Low End Theory and Peoples Instictive Travel were slept on

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