Freestyling Live In Time Square….

I did this on the spot walking around with some people so the audio a little hard to hear

I threw up a mp.3 so you can hear me a bit better

Live in Time Square

*link Expired* Edited

I scrap the video because I wasn’t feeling the responses I got…

But enjoy haters…..


3 responses to “Freestyling Live In Time Square….

  1. jIMMY V.alen Time “Square”
    Good morning

    U have a look-alike,
    a rapper called “Teki Latex”,
    electro-rap, sometimes pop,
    in his crew called ” TTC ”

    On YouTube, Watch here the last clip:
    from the album “3615 TTC” i think. Called “Telephone”

  2. somethinglikearapper

    Hey What do you think of the verus

    I just did it as a sper of the moment thing

    I am still up in the air about keeping it ,,,,

  3. PEACE JimmY!
    “St Valentime” this is a good name for your futur project, album or official mixtape ! one day maybe .
    I don’t understand ya comment
    But this is a look-alike, really nah ?
    Continuz Ya Blog,
    GOOD MUSIC in the place to be !
    Kanyeezy is the shiiit !
    “Something Like A Rapper” is also a good name for the futur album.
    Really, good,
    when u sign with Ye on Good Music,
    maybe one day LoL !

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