Welcome to The Good Life


         One of my friends asked me to go to the Kanye in store with them. It was kind of cool just being a fan. They gave Kanye the Michael Jackson treatment, he had to be rushed in by security and people were going ape shit.  (pardon the punchline)

Also to new readers I suggest you read The What the Fuck is a Jimmy Valentime post.
An if you want to know more about me go to myspace or ask a Question in the comment section.
My favorite subject is me.
As for the songs on “Some Thing Like a Rapper.”
A lot of these records were made in 02-05.
If you want to hear how I rap now a days get your hands on D-2-3 or an E.nyce mixtape.
i just wanted to give people a chance to see my evolution.
some of the songs  I love to death regardless like  “The Secret” and “Legend of Zelda”


My DJ sent me this props to who ever stole it in the first place……

The Good Life Suite…
01-Touch the Sky
02-Goodlife Ft T-Pain
03-Not Enough Kanye Glasses in the House!
06-Cant Tell Me Nothin
07-I Wonder


This is an Ep of Kanye performances from the VMA’s

I think a man should be paid for his work, but I don’t think this will be available at best buy orItunes. So I am throwing it up, and say regardless if you like fun hip-hop (Kanye) The Gangster Music (50) or the diplomats (40!.)  Get your ass in a store and support some hip-hop.

I am not a bootlegger so don’t ask me for Kanye album or The Get Back or  The Death of Escobar –( Google that)

An Fuck Kenny Chesney …


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