Graduation Party …The LEGEND OF ZELDA

The Legend OF Zelda

 *link Expired*

I was a little latch Key kid ..I played this game a lot when I was a little shorty because it came with my system ,,,

I came up with the concept /Choose the title // Picked the beat //

I will recreate this song someday …

Holla at me people ….


3 responses to “Graduation Party …The LEGEND OF ZELDA

  1. Greumsy Greums

    i don’t remember, this sample on a
    Kweli song!? Common? kAnye West no!
    Ye product !!
    this sample is very good 🙂
    so great, also
    what is the name, deja ?!!!
    ohh shiit whatiz tha namof dis fuckinn”songg!
    craz’ye ‘:.|
    peace y’alll

  2. Greumstylesp

    Yo, JimmyValentime, Good Shit Man
    gOOd blog ! U have the flame !
    U like Good Rap, u have your classic disc,
    Real HipHop, u have this spirit !
    so… u like make some rmx . so…
    Just Check this few songz!! 2oo7 !

    —–> here two rmx ! (5mo)
    ‘mama lova’ (dear mama rmx) – tupac song
    & ‘eyes in sky’ w/Biggie
    by the best rapper alive !

    —–> here two featurings
    Here, three songs, great collaborationz
    Worldwide music man! Allright !!! Word!
    One Intro + One w/ Dwele and an other one w/ Insight (+lyrics, links, …). !! thx,
    Good luck for ya site, well
    HipHop Lives !

  3. Dag nabbit good stuff you whpipesrnapeprs!

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