The Graduation Party Continues …I Just Want To BE


(Common at His Weekly Prayer meeting)

I got to see Common Sense (for us old School Fans) perform the entire BE album at Sam Goody, (R.I.P) in Spring of 2005.

I shout out a rapper Called J. Skills because he was originally supposed to be on both of these songs. My homie Juan Santiago is on these tracks

Holla at the gang Skills ….

They Say …


The Image is just a play on Common’s Good Guy Image, don’t take it too seriously.  The Picture comes from Smoking Aces …


3 responses to “The Graduation Party Continues …I Just Want To BE

  1. Greumstylesp

    And my last comment today!
    because… bad luck comes in threes
    two links:
    Brand new album
    Hardcore rap, political sometimes, in certain songs !
    ‘Warlike Inspiration’
    And The Next mixtape, brand new too:
    Official Mixtape mixed by dj cream,
    The Best rapper alive (If you’re francophone, u understand, u agree with me!)

    buy if u want ! real ! no mainstream, no rich
    fuuck fiddy ! like Kanye !
    Listen ! Music talk ! language !
    Rap ! One luv !

    if u want other links,
    other news, questions

  2. Who is the best rapper dead or alive !?
    Please a reviews, an article: a Top 2O !!
    ( Best Lyricist so, if we talk about MC ! )
    And Best Influences on HipHop too !
    Just an explanation of that !!! It’s real
    Like the article called “This is the … RMX” on TSS ! with some songs for example, to illustrated your opinion. !
    but with this subject !!
    Thx in advance, Writer !
    Word Up !

  3. Word up … Truth Be told !!!!
    My Skillz, Your Skillz, Us Skillz, HipHop !
    Forever ;.) !! A piece of Truthhhh !
    Please !!! this resquest is not a game §
    Talk with your friendz, TSS ! and other REVIEWSSITE! give me answers, articles
    give me links..!
    thx AGAIN !

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