Graduation Party Continue…. The Wonder Years

(Sorry Kevin Arnold We all Fucked Winnie ……)

I wrote this versus back in High School, trying to impress a girl. One day we were recording and had sometime to kill. so I tried it on a beat we were not using. It was “Untitled” but one of the kids I recorded with Called it “Grown Man ”

…. A Free Ep to the first ten folks, who guess what beat I used. ….

Grown Man…

The next post will be a full length Song …

Bonus Beats….

Since I love the people who read my blog ….Who never say anything back…..

Photos of Winnie Cooper All Grown Up…


3 responses to “Graduation Party Continue…. The Wonder Years

  1. Greumsy Greums


  2. haha, hell yea, Winnie’s looking fine as hell.

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